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Air Freight

Air transportation is the fastest and most reliable way to transport goods over medium and long distances, and in some cases the only way of delivery. The stability of our relations with the airlines enable us to maintain high levels of service to deliver goods to remote regions, to guarantee the reliability and high speed of delivery and low freight rates.


The NAVICO company performs all types of rail transport using all opportunities provided by rail. We arrange transportation in freight cars, containers, special rolling stock, transportation of oversized loads on platforms and low transporters.

Ocean Freight

Our company provides fast and high-quality handling of all types of cargoes in sea and river ports in different regions of the world. We develop the optimal scheme of cargo delivery, offer customers the most convenient port for cargo handling, we take into account the nature of the cargo, the volume of the party and the route.

Multimodal Transportation

The NAVICO company provides multimodal transportation of various cargoes. Our company has extensive experience in transportation of heavy and oversized cargo with the use of specialized rolling stock. Also our company has the necessary experience, equipment and trained drivers for transportation of dangerous goods.

Road Freight

The NAVICO road freight services means high speed of delivery, acceptable price, ability to deliver cargo from door to door. We can provide modern vehicles for transportation of large-capacity rail and sea containers, General and bulk cargo.

Documentation Support

The NAVICO company provides the following services: customs clearance, insurance, expertise, consultation. We provide full cycle of customs clearance of Your cargo. We will discuss possible ways of delivery and will offer the best price and quality mode of transportation.

The NAVICO company takes care of the "door-to-door" delivery of your cargo


The “door-to-door” delivery benefits are obvious: the client gets rid of the decision of a lot of routine questions that will certainly arise during the transportation. Our company takes the goods from the shipper with the obligation to transmit it directly to the consignee in the appropriate destination. In addition, our staff inform customer in detail about all procedures associated with the delivery of the cargo, its location and movement along the route.

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